These are the 10 most powerful armies in the world, see who is first in this list.

1. United States Army  The oldest branch in the US military forces, established 247 years ago. There are more than 10.05 lakh soldiers in it

2. Russian Army The Russian Army is also called Russian Ground Forces. It was established in 1550. At present there are 2.80 lakh active duty soldiers in it.

3 .Chinese Army China's army is known in the world as People's Liberation Army (PLA). It was established 94 years ago.

4. Indian Army There are more than 12.37 lakh active soldiers in the Indian Army, established 72 years ago.

5. Japanese Army The Japanese army, formed 67 years ago, is called Japan Self-Defense Forces (JSDF)

6. South Korea Army  This 73 year old army is called Republic of Korea Army (RKA). It has 4.20 lakh active soldiers

7. French Army  The army of France is called French Armed Forces. It has 2.08 lakh active soldiers.

8. United Kingdom Army  The 362-year-old British Army has 82,400 active personnel. In which there are about 4 thousand Gurkhas

9. Brazilian Army  The Brazilian Army, formed in 1822, has 2.35 lakh active soldiers. Apart from this, there are 13.35 lakh reserves

10. Pakistan Army  The Pakistani Army, formed 74 years ago, is at the bottom among the most powerful armies in the world.