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Know the Difference Between Delhi, New Delhi, and Delhi NCR

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Delhi  First and foremost, Delhi, our national capital, is a union territory

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States such as Uttar Pradesh and Haryana share their borders with Delhi

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Aside from being a hub for several industries, the old city also enjoys a rich history, dating back to the Mahabharata era

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It might be exciting to know that it was called Indraprastha back in the time.

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New Delhi  After getting a hang of what Delhi is, it is also crucial to understand New Delhi

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The Union Territory Delhi has been bifurcated into not one, not two, but nine districts and New Delhi is one of its districts.

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New Delhi happens to be just a small part of Delhi. Designed back in the 20th century by the British

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Delhi-NCR Now, let us shift our focus to Delhi-NCR. Given the rise in population in the national capital


the surrounding areas were given the same status as Delhi and were termed as National Capital Region or Delhi-NCR.

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It incorporates 19 districts in total including Noida, Gurugram and Ghaziabad, among others.