Killed a beggar by showing his name and took insurance of Rs 80 lakh, this secret revealed after 17 years

A shocking case has come to light from Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Here, a person from Uttar Pradesh has been arrested for murdering a beggar and faking his death to get Rs 80 lakh as insurance

He living with a new identity for the last 17 years.

Police said that after his arrest, Chaudhary confessed that he and his father had planned to get the insurance money by faking the death

As per the plan, Anil Singh Choudhary took an accidental death insurance policy in 2004 and then bought a car

The release said that Anil Singh Choudhary, his father and brothers then lured a beggar in the train with food.

Police said that the accused then took the unconscious beggar into the car and deliberately crashed the car into an electric pole to make it look like an accident.