How AirTag bag works and why you should buy it for traveling, Know Here

AirTags are small discs that can be tracked via your iPhone or iPad. Their location is not tracked by GPS, but by Bluetooth.

For instance, imagine your checked bag with an AirTag inside is being transported through an airport

The AirTag will connect to any nearby iPhones — say those in the pockets of baggage handlers — and the location will be beamed back to your iPhone in the Find My app.

For those worried about privacy, all AirTags are connected to a single Apple ID

so only those logged into an Apple device with that Apple ID can actually see the location of the AirTag.

When you take a new AirTag out of its packaging, it comes with a tab that keeps it from turning on — pull that tab, and the device will wake up

Hold the AirTag near an iPhone or iPad, and a prompt should appear on the screen. Simply follow the prompts to name the AirTag  and connect it to your Apple ID

And that's it! If your AirTag is already on when you get it, you can enable setup mode by opening the Find My app and clicking on the plus sign.

AirTags can be used for tracking essentially anything you can attach it to. Apple makes AirTag holders that can be clipped onto keys or even your pet's collar and anything else .