Disneyland vs Walt Disney World – Know All About Both Theme Park Resort

 In the U.S., you get the choice of visiting Disneyland in California or Walt Disney World in Florida. 

The Disneyland resort covers about 500 acres and consists of two theme parks: Disney California Adventure Park and Disneyland Park .

Walt Disney World is much larger: almost 25,000 acres – or around 40 square miles

While you could see all the main attractions at Disneyland in a day or two, you would need close to a week to see everything at Walt Disney World.

Tickets at both resorts are expensive. You can expect to pay more than $100 for a one-day, single-park ticket .

If you have the choice, go during off-peak times, avoiding popular holidays and school breaks. Fewer crowds mean you'll spend less time in line and be able to experience more of the park .

There are more than a dozen rides that you'll find at both resorts, including the two classics Pirates of the Caribbean and It's a Small World.

Both parks have an abundance of food options, whether from sidewalk snack carts, food courts, or upscale eateries.